Silver Spring Addition: Windows & Interior Finishing

Progress at our Silver Spring Addition has been moving along slowly but we’re starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Windows have started to get installed in the Addition and replacement windows will follow shortly throughout the rest of the home. Transformation of the front of the house is starting to take shape with installation of the new front door and mudroom windows. Matching replacement windows will flank the front door. Wood paneling installation inside the mudroom is ongoing. The muntin framing in the Addition windows are starting to add some scale to the exterior of Read More

Site Visit: Silver Spring Addition

The Addition to this Ranch style home has been under construction for almost two months. Demolition of the existing sunroom, exterior concrete stair was completed in about a week. This included saw cutting of the existing carport concrete slab for the new mudroom foundations and removing the existing kitchen cabinets. Framing of the Additions proceeded for the next two weeks and required covering the roof with a tarp to prevent leaks into the existing portions of the house. The taller dining room ceiling and large window openings already feels really spacious adjacent to the existing kitchen. Over the last few Read More

Site Visit: Petworth Open Concept

It’s been over 2 months since we posted updates on this townhouse renovation, so as you can imagine there has been a lot of progress. During that time-span wall framing, ductwork, insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring and a new TPO roof was installed. Spray foam insulation was installed at the addition walls to seal any openings in the existing side walls that were retained. During demolition we discovered that the old roof access was concealed with drywall as part of one of the numerous renovations over the years. A new roof access hatch with folding ladder was installed above the main Read More

Site Visit: Kingman Park Renovation

Construction has been rolling on this second floor renovation for about a month. Walls have been framed, including the new windows for the rear office and bedroom. The existing duct-work has been updated to coordinate with the new second floor layout, which includes adding new registers on the first floor for increased air conditioning supply. While running the new sanitary plumbing lines for the bathrooms, we discovered that the main stack was actually in the middle of the floor. The sanitary lines will now connect to this stack above the kitchen island, so we’ll run a bulkhead the full length Read More

Site Visit: Petworth Open Concept

Construction of this interior renovation project began last month. Since then demolition of the upper floors has been completed, including excavation of the basement to increase its ceiling height to meet code. The existing second floor framing was not structurally capable of supporting the new “open-concept“ first floor plan, therefore additional floor framing was added. The opening around the existing stair was also widened to increase clearance above the stair. Structural reinforcements included “sistering” new framing to existing joists, and replacing the beams around the stair. Demolition at the rear porch revealed minimal exterior wall framing and a plaster and Read More