Archispolly – ArchiDads podcast

A couple months into the coronavirus pandemic Melissa Daniel from Archispolly invited a good friend, Nicholas Hill, and I to discuss work life balance as dads. We’re both Architects so the episode is aptly titled ArchiDads. If you’ve ever wondered what architects do and how we balance demanding work schedules with family life, plus a pandemic thrown on top of that be sure to check out the ArchiDads episode. Melissa describes Archispolly as “a podcast where black and brown folks have a conversation about Architecture”. Only 2% of all licensed architects in the United States are Black although Black Americans Read More

Residential design in the era of COVID-19

As an architect, I am inspired by the architecture community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those specializing in healthcare. The coronavirus has created a surge of temporary hospitals and testing sites in spaces like convention centers and parking lots. Additionally, global “stay at home orders” has forced us to spend more time at home with our families. With this home life immersion, we’ve enjoyed the perks of telecommuting, but also experienced the shortcomings of not being prepared. I’d like to share some of the COVID-19 residential design issues I’ve noticed while on “lock-down” with my family of four. Virtual Read More