Site Visit: Kingman Park Renovation

Construction has been rolling on this second floor renovation for about a month. Walls have been framed, including the new windows for the rear office and bedroom. The existing duct-work has been updated to coordinate with the new second floor layout, which includes adding new registers on the first floor for increased air conditioning supply. While running the new sanitary plumbing lines for the bathrooms, we discovered that the main stack was actually in the middle of the floor. The sanitary lines will now connect to this stack above the kitchen island, so we’ll run a bulkhead the full length of the island to conceal the new plumbing. Cement board & curbs have been added to the bathrooms in preparation for tile work, and the master bath is already shaping up to be an inviting space thanks to the existing skylight.

More information on this project, including plans and images can be found here.

Pre-Construction Photos

Framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing installation

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