Silver Spring Addition: Siding Updates

It’s been a long time coming but we finally have siding installed and it looks amazing! The siding delivery was one of the many delays due to the ongoing coronavirus. The trex decking was also recently installed. If you recall, the exterior sheathing for the addition was installed all the way back in July. Luckily the interior space was finished last month so the owners were able to move back into their home.

New gutters and downspouts have been installed. The exterior lights have also been replaced with black gooseneck barn lights to match the monochrome color scheme.

The new column cladding at the carport is installed, and does a much better job of unifying the entire exterior appearance. You can see the previous metal columns and proposed rendering on the Silver Spring Addition portfolio page.

The mudroom gets a fiber cement horizontal siding treatment to match the existing gable end siding. The gable end siding was replaced since it was not in good condition for refinishing. You can see an interior view of the mudroom in our previous post.

We used a vertical fiber cement siding at the dining addition which complements the taller gable end volume. The vertical siding has more dramatic shadow lines at the battens, that are further enhanced by the surrounding landscape.

The metal cable railing was switched from a side mount to deck mounting that has a cleaner side appearance. A vertical spacer bar was added to the stair railing to minimize posts and create a more open feel.

I wasn’t able to get interior photos this time around, except for a peep through the patio doors. The owners are more cautious these days with the uptick in coronavirus cases, which is the reality we have to deal with now and that is fine. Look out for interior photos sometime next year. Have a safe and peaceful holiday season!

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