Spacious New Primary Bath Remodel at Georgetown University

We recently completed the remodeling of a primary bathroom at Georgetown University. The existing bath was accessed through the walk-in closet, with vanity access on the far end of the space. The shower stall that received heavy use was small and lacked storage for toiletries. In addition there were two dividing walls that made the small space feel even more cavernous. The remodeled bath relocates the entry against the window, with direct access to a 7′ long custom vanity for added countertop usage. Shorter toilets were upgraded to more comfortable dual-flush, water-saving, standard height fixtures. The entire space was opened up by removing the diving walls in favor of glass shower walls for a more spacious feel. An earthy material palette was used throughout, which included warm marble tiles. The remodel was executed by Monarc Construction, and ready for use in two months. For more project photos please visit our project page.

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