Tricky Framing complete at Woodridge Addition

Framing of the new 2-story addition at our Woodridge Addition has been complete for a few weeks now. The bulk of the framing work was erected in about one week! Below are a few snapshots of the progress from initial framing installation to the weather barrier and window installation. The first floor will have a new family room, while the second floor will create a new bedroom suite. A corner bay window overhangs the basement entry, maintaining ceiling clearance while also providing more daylight to the family room.

The corner bay window was initially framed with temporary shoring. A steel hanger was used to secure the bay framing to a cantilevered LVL beam above at the second floor. The addition is partially supported on the existing bearing wall which did not have a footing per the geotechnical report. As a result, underpinning was required in the basement to add a new footing to safely bear on the soil.

Up on the second floor, the main bedroom views create a tree house atmosphere with the surrounding mature trees. The ensuite bathroom will have a combined shower/bath area featuring a freestanding tub. This project is targeting completion in December. Please check back later for future project updates!

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