Archispolly – ArchiDads podcast

A couple months into the coronavirus pandemic Melissa Daniel from Archispolly invited a good friend, Nicholas Hill, and I to discuss work life balance as dads. We’re both Architects so the episode is aptly titled ArchiDads. If you’ve ever wondered what architects do and how we balance demanding work schedules with family life, plus a pandemic thrown on top of that be sure to check out the ArchiDads episode.

Melissa describes Archispolly as “a podcast where black and brown folks have a conversation about Architecture”. Only 2% of all licensed architects in the United States are Black although Black Americans make up 13% of the population. For more on this severe disparity see 15 ARCHITECTS ON BEING BLACK IN ARCHITECTURE. With this fact in mind, the archispolly podcast is crucial to amplifying minority voices, both within the profession and the public at large.

While you’re on the Archispolly website be sure to check out the other episodes like the ArchiMoms take on coping during the pandemic. I also recently listened to the episode on Architecture & Mapping Segregation in DC which is timely considering the current Anti-racism movement in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. If you prefer you can also subscribe to Archispolly wherever you currently get your podcasts.

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