Site Visit: Petworth Open Concept

Construction of this interior renovation project began last month. Since then demolition of the upper floors has been completed, including excavation of the basement to increase its ceiling height to meet code. The existing second floor framing was not structurally capable of supporting the new “open-concept“ first floor plan, therefore additional floor framing was added. The opening around the existing stair was also widened to increase clearance above the stair. Structural reinforcements included “sistering” new framing to existing joists, and replacing the beams around the stair. Demolition at the rear porch revealed minimal exterior wall framing and a plaster and lath substrate. The exterior walls will be replaced with new framing and the sloping floors will be leveled.

More information on this project, including drawings and images, can be found here.

Pre-Construction Images

Demolition & Structural Framing

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